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How to Worship

How to Purify Your Hands and Mouth
* Before you pray, please purify your body and mind.
* Please prepare handkerchief in advance.

1. Take the dipper with your right hand.

2. Ladle water and wash your left hand.

3. Take the dipper with your left hand and wash your right hand.

4. Take the dipper with your right hand again, and pour water into your left hand.

5. Wash your mouth with water in your left hand. Be careful not to touch the dipper directly with your mouth.

6. After washing your mouth, wash your left hand again.

7. Finally, hold the dipper upright so the remaining water runs from it down the handle to rinse it, then replace it gently on the stand.

How to Worship
*Please worship with sincerity.

1. Make a slight bow. Rattle the bell by shaking the rope.
Place a monetary offering in the box and compose yourself.

2. Bow twice deeply.

3. Clap your hands twice slowly.

4. And bow once deeply.